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My name is Susan Austin, and I'm deeply grateful that you've visited my website today. Here you'll learn more about who I am, the nature of my metaphysical work, and the services I offer as an Astrologer and Medium.

The name Mystic Blue Pearl refers to the "Illumined Soul." As we seek the path of illumination, we begin to realize that our Souls have incarnated over many lifetimes. We've lived the highs and lows, and the worst and best that human experience can provide. Relationships with others, (and also with ourselves), tends to be the biggest karmic lessons we're here to learn. Forgiveness, and the release of all that's no longer necessary for our Soul's growth, is KEY.

As counselor, teacher, healer and guide, I'm here to help you know yourself better. When we access information formerly hidden in the unconscious, it changes into a conscious state of awareness. Answers are given, understanding springs forth and we're finally able to surrender, release and move on.

In my Astrological work there's an incredible amount of Soul information that comes right out of the birth chart. Here we find powerful indicators of karmic situations, plus the recognition of people from past lives currently in your life today! It's possible to find solutions for things that have burdened you for years; with the flip side of the coin offering a brand new Dharmic path to step upon. All aspects of an individuals life is revealed through their chart. Strengths, weaknesses, gifts, talents, past, present and what the future may hold are all represented here. Planetary Transits are the indicators of current, and future cycles of growth, so important to know along the way.

My Intuitive (psychic) work also reveals levels of information formerly inaccessible to the client. Anything the individual cannot see objectively; where they're too close to perceive accurately, is definitely an area I can help them with. Through messages from loved ones who've passed, as well as Angels, Guides and Masters, there'll always be a guiding Light to help with the situation.

Please take a look at my Services page to see what all I offer and the best way I can help you on your journey.

May Spirit radiate Higher Love and Light through us, and in turn, may we be a beautiful Light for others.

In Love and Light,