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See What Susans Clients Say ~

"Susan Austin is a blessing in my life. Her guidance has helped me and my children through several difficult situations, and her readings have brought much clarity and understanding. I am always amazed at the helpful information that comes through! She is extremely gifted!" --Linda M., Canton Michigan

"I've had the pleasure to call Susan my friend & healer for over 10 years now. One of the reasons she is so dear to me is because of her genuine love for others & the true spiritual gifts she is blessed with. She is truly concerned for our well-being and goes above & beyond to communicate that to her clients & friends. The Mystic Blue Pearl is not just a business; it's a haven, a retreat, a soul-nourisher. Make an appointment; spend some time with Susan! You won't be disappointed!" -- Sue B., Canton Michigan

"Walking into a reading with Susan is an experience of solace and peace. It regenerates the soul as well as the mind and body. Susan has deep insight into one's life and can provide information that helps with both everyday life as well as an explanation of past and present events. You exit a changed person, greeting life with a smile or at least a little more understanding."  -- Diane G., Plymouth Michigan

The Mystic Blue Pearl is wonderful and the benefits and knowledge gained is well worth it.  In having attended monthly meditation groups, various Astrology readings, and specialized workshops; my life has become more peaceful.  The experiences have helped me be more centered and relaxed on this journey." -- S.H.H, Westland Michigan

"I've been seeing Susan for about 14 years and just recently got a reading over the telephone.  I plan to drive from southern Tennessee to Michigan this fall for a "face to face" reading with her.  So I guess you could say Susan is one of the very few readers (including myself) that I have complete confidence in."  -- Rick T. of Tennesee and New Mexico

"Susan Austin has been my personal astrologer for 15 years. Over this time I have gained utmost confidence and belief in her astrology readings. I have found them to be extremely accurate, intuitive and professional. Knowing what is "written in the stars" has given me explanations that comfort through tough times, and prepared me for possibilities in my future. I highly recommend Susan. She's the best." -- Mary G., Plymouth Michigan

"Until I met Susan Austin, I was skeptical of the psychic world; however, after working with her for years and watching the affect she has on her clients and then experiencing the same affect myself, I am now a true believer.  Susan has a gift she willingly shares with all. She relays her information in such a sensitive manner, that bleak conditions and depressing experiences are explained as bridges to future happiness.  Her positive energy and spiritual awareness just lifts one up to the many possibilities in life.  I love her."  -- Nancy T., California

"Susan has been my Astrologer for around 20 years, and in that time she has become one of my best friends and guiding lights. Through the tough times and the bright times, she is always there to lean on. There is nothing better than a Susan hug!" --Matt I., Michigan